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3 Things To Know About Commercial Roofing

If you are a commercial building owner, you may need to know about the specifics of commercial roofing and what your options are. Whether you are looking for a commercial roofing Dallas, TX-based contractor, or for a contractor elsewhere, here are five things to know about commercial roofing:

  1. Commercial Roofing and Residential Roofing Are Different

The first things to know about commercial roofing is to not confuse it with residential roof, as the specifics of these industries are very different. While the most popular residential roofing material is asphalt, commercial roofing has a variety of materials associated with it. These include concrete, tar, gravel, polyurethane foam, and many others. This means there are a much large amount of options when it comes to choosing a material for commercial roofing.

  1. Length of Installation

Commercial roofing installation takes much longer than residential roofing installation, usually longer than a month, versus one or two days for residential. The factors that make this the case include the size of the buildings on which commercial roofing is usually installed, as well as the amount of complexity and difficulty in commercial roofing installation.

  1. Commercial Roofing Problems

Problems with commercial roofing, such as leaks, can mean more than a simple patching job is needed to fix the problem. Just a patch job could fix the issue, or a coating could need to be applied to the entire roof. This means you shouldn’t apply your knowledge of residential roofing towards problems you may be having with your commercial roofing.

If you are looking for a commercial roofing Dallas, TX-based contractor or for a contractor elsewhere, consider these tips.

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