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Extend the Life of Your Toyota with Regular Oil Changes

Toyota makes one of the most economical cars to drive, but staying on schedule with maintenance is one of the keys to keeping operational costs low. When it’s time to get a Toyota oil change Baltimore is no exception. Getting that taken care of will help to assure that your car not only operates efficiently now, but for years to come.

Regular Oil Changes Extend Engine Life

It may seem like something you can put off for a while, but delaying an oil change is really a bad choice because running with dirty oil, or with less than the specified quantity increases the friction in the moving parts of the engine, which causes more wear and tear than normal. You won’t notice a difference right away, but the overall life of your car will be shortened a little bit by each extended oil usage, which can have the net result of taking years off its useful life.

If you trade in your cars every few years, this won’t affect you much, but it will impact future owners. If you want to be able to hand your vehicle down to a young driver in the family, be timely with your scheduled Toyota oil change. Baltimore driving can include a lot of stop and go traffic, which is the hardest on your engine. Highway speeds allow for increased airflow, which cools the engine, but sitting in traffic allows heat to build up, so it’s even more important to keep good clean oil in your car for city driving.

New Vehicles Are No Exception

Only a couple of decades ago, cars required regular “tuneups.” Maintenance schedules called for changing spark plugs and adjusting carburetors on a regular basis. Today’s engines have many more sealed and computerized systems, but water and oil are still critical fluids to keep any automobile engine running smoothly. Even if they are just dirty, damage will be done, so pay attention to your maintenance schedule to get the best use out of your Toyota or any other make of car.

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