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Factors to consider while hiring portable waste disposal system

Sometimes when planning for an event, you may be faced by lack of proper waste disposal system. This may be caused by the location of the venue hence requiring a portable waste disposal system.


This is the most important factor. The number of people slated to attend the event will determine the type of portable system to be used and their number. It is always smart to have extra units even if having fewer units would save some cash.


This is in regard to the venue location.  It should be easy for Portable toilet trucks – TruckXpress to get to the location without any difficulty. This applies to places which lack good roads or where there are no paths to get to the location. It also applies to hilly and inclined places where it may be difficult to place the portable trucks. Remember that portable toilets need to be serviced to ensure they are always in a good state, especially if they are hired for a long time.


The prices vary from place to place and are also affected by a number of factors. Looking for referrals will help in finding good services even if it costs a little more.  Customer reviews help a lot to understand the servicing companies and highlight problems if any.

It’s also important to inquire whether there are extra charges for emergency services, the delivery, installation, servicing and collection services. It’s always smart to gather all the information to ensure your expenses stay within the budget and you don’t have to pay additional charges.


It’s good to plan where portable toilets are going to be placed. They need to be easily accessible yet far enough so that foul smell does not cause discomfort. They could be evenly distributed in order to ease access from different angles, if the area is large.

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