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Small venue? You need external refrigeration and freezer hire

If you have a small venue but are experiencing a rise in business levels for catering or hospitality, there’s every likelihood that you’re welcoming the increased numbers but are struggling to house the refrigerated and frozen stock. Perhaps you’re restocking each day or making a few trips per day to the suppliers so that stock does not exceed space.

Stop. You’re busy and you have other matters to concentrate your energies on. External refrigeration and freezer hire are your perfect solutions.

If your fridge and/or freezer units are not able to hold the amounts you need them to, please take convenient cost effective, hygienic and flexible mobile refrigeration hire services from a leading firm like Icecool Trailers.

They, and their competitors, are highly competitive, serve an expansive geographical area, are knowledgeable about food hygiene and catering laws and deliver mobile refrigeration and freezer trailer solutions in varying capacities.

When space is at a premium inside the premises fridge and freezer trailers are essential.  External refrigeration can be placed wherever the client requires it, whether that’s adjacent to a kitchen, in the centre of a lawn or in an outbuilding. The facilities work via mains and generator for optimum versatility.

As the name suggests, mobile refrigeration units are on wheels so that they can be relocated without trouble. This is excellent for premises with a few function rooms to cater for. The unit can be moved to the area it’s serving which maximises efficiency and minimises staff journeys to and from the hectic kitchens.

  • The fridge and freezer trailers meet legislation and hygiene standards.
  • They are well maintained and will be working efficiently when left with you.
  • Units are in various sizes/capacities. e.g. 2.4m and 3m – 6 cubic metres/8.5 cubic metres.
  • Hire periods can be for as long as you wish and are easily extendable.
  • Firms deliver and collect the fridge and freezer trailers. There is no self-drive option so there are no fuel costs.
  • They position them as required and set the units up.
  • External refrigeration and mobile freezers are insured.
  • The items you place in them require a separate insurance policy.
  • If business continues to escalate, larger or additional external units are simple to arrange.

When you calculate the hire period’s duration please don’t forget that you’ll need to include preparation and clearing up time too. Some clients try to save money by shortening the hire period to the minimum and are normally rewarded with increased stress levels.The small amount of money saved is no compensation for the pressure on the team.

If you imagine that you won’t need additional external refrigeration after a certain date, you may cease the hire but as life is full of surprises you’ll be delighted to learn that the mobile refrigeration and freezer firms often supply emergency facilities so you don’t have to worry about pre-booking tomeet legislation.

If your premises aren’t extensive, don’t limit your potential. Seek professional external fridge and freezer trailer hire.

Icecool Trailers are the UK’s favourite supplier of fridge and freezer trailers for caterers, events and temporary refrigeration/ cold

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