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The Fireplaces of Today

Fireplaces have a long history that dates back to cave man days when they weren’t exactly fireplaces as they were a burning bundle of sticks. They have certainly come a long way from their prehistoric ancestors (as we have), but the purpose remains the same. That purpose is to bring the heat. Our fireplaces of the last 100 years have also gone through a lot of modification and I will delve into what is known today as the contemporary fireplace.

The contemporary fireplace is similar to older fireplaces in that it still holds fire (of course) as well as the fact that it is indoors. They also have a very different process to lighting them. The old fireplaces were literally burning wood. Now, with most contemporary fireplaces, you have the option of using gas to create this fire and the logs are typically imitation. They are mainly there, now, for the sake of style and nostalgia. This means that the logs are reused continually and there is no need to replace them. Now, on the other hand, there are still actual wood fireplaces that you can still use. However, these are for those who simply wish to keep the quaintness of typical fireplaces intact and, for this reason, these are still available.

In our ancestral days, fires were used out of pure need. Many, now, have central heating in most areas of their home. But for those who do want to use a fireplace, it is still a nice touch and adds a sense of homeliness and warmth to a place of residence. Also, nowadays, contemporary fireplaces are a lot more controllable than the fireplaces of our predecessors. You have the option of turning off the fire when you choose and you can even control the intensity that the fire burns as you see fit.

Another wonderful plus about fireplaces today is the diversity you find in design. There are so many kinds of fireplaces to choose from when deciding between one option and another. They can truly accentuate a living room or den even if they are not being used to keep the home warm. A few other advantages of a gas fireplace include the eco-friendly aspect of it (clean emission), the romantic and welcoming atmosphere, and lower energy costs. It costs you less to heat your home via fireplace than it does central heating, which uses fossil fuels (a global warming contributor).

With so many benefits in modern fireplaces, you can feel at ease in your decision to purchase one to accessorize your home. With our array of housewarming options, you can stay cozy, eco-friendly, and fashionable.

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