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Urologic Surgery New York

Is it Time to see a Urologist?

People of urologic surgery New York are concerned with their health. Considering all we know now-a days, it’s completely understandable. We all want to be in the best condition as possible and that’s where a urology specialist can help.  Many people are unaware of what urologists do. Here are four reasons why you may need to visit a urologist.

Pelvic Pain

Pain in the pelvic area, back, and sides can be signs of a urinary tract problem. One of the most common issues related to pelvic pain is a urinary tract Infection. Urinary tract infections or UTI’s are often treated with antibiotics, but sometimes it can be something more serious. If you are showing signs of a UTI but have already been treated for one, it may be time to see a urologist. Back and side pain can also indicate an issue with the kidneys. Kidney stones are a common affliction and can be very painful, but they don’t always pass on their own. It is possible to have stones that are too large to pass and in those cases, special procedures and treatments would be performed by the urologist.


Frequent urination can be a noticeable problem, but even as such, some people still miss the signs. Yet, incontinence can signify a more serious issue like interstitial cystitis. See a specialist If you often have leaks or a constant urge to go.  If you find yourself running to bathroom more often than normal throughout the day and throughout the night it’s time talk to your urologist.


Cancer can affect just about every part of your body and that includes the bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs.  Urologist treat cancers of the bladder, kidneys as well as the prostate. Cancer in any of these areas can cause blood in the urine or pain while urinating. Most sufferers of prostate cancer do not show early symptoms. This is why it is crucial to get screened for prostate cancer regularly.


Urologists specialize in fertility health including erectile dysfunction and more. Infertility in men can be caused by many things. Men can be affected by infection or previous injuries that impact fertility health. Although specialized in men’s reproductive health, urologists treat women as well.

Urologists can work with your primary care doctor as well as any other specialists to see to it that you have the best possible care. Your urinary and reproductive health are important and you should see an expert who specializes in that field. If you see signs of a possible urinary problem or you simply have additional questions, be sure to schedule a consultation with someone in urologic surgery New York today.

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